When it comes to deciding on an Uber clone app solution for your on-demand business, you have to know what is more the most cost-effective and advantageous way of procuring an app.

We give you an exclusive brief description of a ready-made solution vs. developing the Uber clone app from scratch.

To make it simpler for you, we have given 5 major differences on why a ready-made solution is far better than opting to develop an app from scratch.

Let’s get going!

What is the difference between ready-made and scratch development process in the Uber clone app?

These are the 5 major outlooks when it comes to choosing the right Uber clone app procurement process.

Post sale support:

The software development company which gives out ready-made solutions gives extra-ordinary post-sale support. As they are a brand that cares about customer satisfaction.

When you hire a random team to develop an app from scratch, once the app is done and submitted you may not be able to get a hold of them.

Project management support:

Ready-made solution providers have a proper chain of command and are much responsible for giving you proper development-related updates.

When you develop from scratch, mostly there will be a developing team where they take on multiple projects at the same time and don’t follow through with the updates.

Latest tech stack usage:

The ready-made solutions are built by the latest technology, which gives out a futuristic app solution and meets the current customer needs.

Many use the outdated software development kit which makes the development timeline longer and the cost higher.

Tech support:

The ready-made solution makers have a team to support your technical question before and after the app is procured by you. The tech support longevity is based on the pricing plans you choose with them.

The scratch developers have a nominal period of technical support after the procurement of the Uber clone app.

Delivery timeline:

The credibility of the ready-made solution providers depends on the delivery timeline and the quality of the product. Your reviews are going to speak as testimonials for future clients. Therefore, they never compromise on such stuff.

You cannot hold the random group of developers answerable for the delivery of the product if at all there was any delay.

What is the cost of developing an Uber clone app for both ready-made vs. scratch solutions?

Usually, developing an Uber clone app from scratch takes $20,000 to $70,000 based on the technology and the latest features that you ask for. They have an average of $40 per hour of labor cost.


If you go for ready-made solutions, you can be sure that they use the latest technology such as Flutter, a cross-platform software development kit.

Let’s get to the exciting part! The ready-made solutions start from $5000 including the white labeling charges with on-trend features in the market.

If at all you plan on getting more customized features and other changes in the on-demand solution it’ll cost $25 per hour on the labor cost.

Have you made your choice? Hope you did the right thing for yourself, your business, and your budget!