Being an entrepreneur means being in a state of constant awareness! It’s important to look for opportunities that’ll mean more benefit by spending less.

In this short article, you’ll get to know what factors will be influencing the cost of developing an Uber clone app so you can keep an eye on it, and also know the cost of owning a taxi app for your business!

Why wait? Let’s get going!

What is a taxi app like Uber and how does it work?

A taxi app like Uber is created to make your business digitized which makes it more efficient.

The business operations of your taxi business can be online, and effective in reaching more target audiences if you concentrate on the business model of your on-demand taxi app platform.

The aggregator business model shows stability and is highly receptive towards the target audience. The on-demand taxi platform connects the riders and the drivers via apps respectively. Where they (riders and drivers) are ultimately monitored and governed by the admin of the platform (YOU!) using a web panel.

What about earning revenue must be your next question! To answer it - considering the commission-based revenue model would be a fair shot. Since it compliments the aggregator business model very nicely.

The commission is charged to the rider in the form of rider fare and service fees. The rider booking fee and driver service fee go to the admin as his earnings.

The earnings of the driver are distributed through the admin panel automatically. This way, the admin has complete control over the bookings and the remuneration from the platform.

Factors influencing the cost of developing a taxi app like Uber

The cost of developing an app solution will demand entrepreneurs to oversee a lot of aspects. As an entrepreneur it is better to take these factors into consideration while making a business decision;

Let’s take a look at the list of 4 factors that contribute to determining the taxi app development cost!

  1. The up-to-date features and functionalities that you choose to include in your on-demand taxi platform.
  2. The timeline (in hours) that your development team quotes will directly contribute to the labor charges of developing the taxi app.
  3. The modern tech stack (Native technology or cross-platform) that you plan to build your on-demand taxi app solution for your startup.
  4. The complexity of the UI implemented in the taxi app will increase the timeframe which in turn contributes to the cost of development.

From the above points, it is wise to understand that choosing a simple yet innovative technology to build the taxi app will be the best option for you to reduce the cost of development and reap the benefits.

How much does it cost to create a taxi app like Uber?

There are two forms of the development process to choose from, to decide your cost of building a taxi app like Uber.

Type 1
Let’s say you are considering hiring a development team that builds an app from scratch. Usually, it costs $20,000 to $70,000 as the development team must consist of both the Android and iOS developers separately.

Note: The labor charges are $40 per hour on average. Calculate an average timeline between 3 - 9 months of building an app from scratch.

Since most of them are using Native technology to build apps, the timeline of development is higher than you anticipate.

Type 2
Now, the second option (but the better option!) is to choose a ready-made Uber clone solution that can be customized according to your business needs. It is also scalable to any extent your business grows.

Let’s say you chose Flutter - a cross-platform software development toolkit.

It is used by the developers to build both the Android and iOS apps in one strike.

You'll be getting all this excellence for just $5000 (maximum), just think of the money you’ll be saving!

If at all you want to customize more features than the solution already offers, then an additional $25 per hour is charged.

And oh! The development timeline could be a minimum of 400 hours, which means you can start running your on-demand marketplace business sooner than expected!

*The development time differs according to the customers’ demand on the platform.


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